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Forty-five Minutes

Forty-five Minutes, a set on Flickr.


So #ganing #winning the #FeriaOndaAzul Competition was… We got to go to the Onda Azul studio and be interviewed by the really rather nice Santi Souvirón who made a grand effort not to laugh at the poor attempt I made

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bugger! Been hash tagging photos on instagram with #feriaondaazul for the last few days as part of competition by TV station in Malaga. winning Just found out I have won. Fab except Leftlung and Mrs L now have to appear

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Puerto Banus

Ever wonder how the other half live? Went to a place near to Marbella yesterday called Puerto Banus. Harbour and posh motors…

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Using 360 pans vs Photosynth

Panoramic Photo Apps For iPhone I have been trying our panoramic photo apps for iphone- comparing Microsoft 360 and Photosynth Living on iPhone and stolen wifi in Malaga, I have tried both 360 and Photosynth for panorama shots. Photosynth edges

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wandering around Malaga today

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360 pans

iphonery pans Been playing with pan apps on iPhone. Trying photosynth from microsoft which is quite glitchy and one called 360 which Mara found in the free section of the app store. Jumping wifi right now but will post in

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Funky Flying FLickr feed

Roy Tanck‘s Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.Get this widget at I Really Rather like this Basic info is at

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The Voyage

Being reminded of a great experience in the shadow of the Olympics… Given my stunning lack of affection for the whole London 2012 thing I suppose that I have to give a tacit (or more) nod to the pre-Olympic build

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