So #ganing #winning the #FeriaOndaAzul Competition was…

We got to go to the Onda Azul studio and be interviewed by the really rather nice Santi Souvirón who made a grand effort not to laugh at the poor attempt I made at being an interviewee. Again Leftlung is lucky that Mrs L is so good at rescuing any potential disaster.

If you watch the car crash that starts at 25 mins in then you will see what I mean.

Or direct on the website

The Spanish use the work “guiri” to describe foreigners and you can spot him here! In retrospect I should probably have worn long trousers but…

The team at the station were all lovely and I have some further shots to post once I get to the DSLR files…

My fellow winner is a young fellow called Francisco Alacio, who is a lower sixth form equivalent her in Malaga. If he sticks with it he will be a good visual artist and it’s worth following him on Twitter @francislakers to have a look at his work.

see all the entries here
My winning shot was a bit of a score for iphoneography and instagram really by I take credit for pushing buttons and guessing the target audience in my opinion at least.

Biznaga #euroleftlung #malaga #malaginstagram

Anyway here is the instagram set of the evening.

T-shirt thief! #malaga #malaginstagram #mrsleftlung #euroleftlung #winning

Outside Ondaazul Malaga #madnessinmalaga #euroleftlung #malaginstagram #malaga #feriaondaazul

Raquel Infante y madre #ondaazulmalaga #greenroom #euroleftlung #mrsleftlung #malaginstagram

Ondaazul Malaga

Ondaazul Malaga.

Mrs L at Ondaazul Malaga.

Onda Azul Malaga.

Biznaga #euroleftlung #malaga #malaginstagram

Incidentally, the girl being interviewed early in the segment is a soap actress in my father-in-law’s favourite soap opera. Her name is Raquel Infante and that is her mother watching her from the green room.




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