Using 360 pans vs Photosynth

Panoramic Photo Apps For iPhone

I have been trying our panoramic photo apps for iphone- comparing Microsoft 360 and Photosynth

Living on iPhone and stolen wifi in Malaga, I have tried both 360 and Photosynth for panorama shots. Photosynth edges it for the stitching if you are unsteady but hats off to 360 for a better GUI and web site. Bit of practice and the grid system of 360 is far more responsive to twist and pan. I think the main skill to learn is the small circle shuffle which takes practice. Also pick the start point based on dynamic range rather than logical composition.will try to post examples from here….

… Oh and 360 app doesn’t seem to support background upload.

note overlap on baobab supports.

note dynamic range issue

dynamic range limited by shot 1 and iPhone HDR

I realise this is 360 biased but Photosynth drove me mad with the fact that the GUI attempts to predict the shooting zone and thus removes the ability to twist and fill areas. Too helpful and not intuitive enough.

Whichever way you address it the distortion is interesting / screwy as you are basically folding your eyes out on a flat plane and them if you adopt gyroscope view attempting to recreate 3d dof. All much nicer than photoshop 4 stitching. Have a look at the flat plane produced by both apps algorithms to see the problem of enlarged field of vision beyond 120degrees.

online version of train with gyro option


Need access to laptop to illustrate Photosynth so expect edit.



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